How to Lose Weight in Your Sleep

Most often, we look at calories, portions, or macros for weight loss… but what about sleep?  So many women I talk with every day are seriously lacking in adequate sleep. They mistakenly chalk it up to the “normal” busy life. The problem is that sleep is a huge factor in weight loss or gain. Check […]

Are You Starving Yourself Fat?

Are you starving yourself fat? Did you know that under-eating (consuming less that the calories required to sustain your body based on age, weight, and activity level) can actually make you fat? It’s true! And so many women my age are struggling with it. As we get older, we think that a slow metabolism just […]

How to Quickly Create a New Habit

  Have you ever noticed that getting started with any kind of new habit can feel like a pushing a boulder uphill? You really want to do this thing, but going from the point you are right now, to taking the first step, seems insurmountable. You just can’t motivate yourself to get started. It’s feels […]

How to Turn an Offense into Personal Power

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a very positive person. I try to always remember that no matter what the storm, there is always JOY in the morning. Every day is a new opportunity to grow and be better. I get knocked down, but I’m never out! Encouragement is my spiritual gift and […]