Veggie Meal Prep Made Easy

Now, more than ever, our health and immune system has jumped to the front of our priorities. I’ve been meal prepping for years now, but when I first started, I was SO overwhelmed. I over-shopped, over-cooked, and wasted food and money… ESPECIALLY with fresh veggies. I wasn’t a huge veggie eater and honestly was confused […]

4 Tips to Quit Emotional Eating Forever

Have you ever found yourself, mid-munch, hand stuffed into a bag of [insert your kryptonite snack here] and realized you weren’t even hungry… you were just [bored, sad, stressed, tired…]?

Are You Starving Yourself Fat?

Are you starving yourself fat? Did you know that under-eating (consuming less that the calories required to sustain your body based on age, weight, and activity level) can actually make you fat? It’s true! And so many women my age are struggling with it. As we get older, we think that a slow metabolism just […]

What is sugar addiction?

I confess, I am a recovering sugar addict. It started when I was just a youngster, a child of divorce with lots of emotional baggage. By the age of 9, I could eat a whole half gallon of neopolitan on any given afternoon. Mom would buy us Ding Dongs and Ho Ho’s from the Wonderbread […]