How to focus on Progress over Perfection

Last week, my husband and I completed a 6 week workout program that was a true test of my humility. It was fast-paced, high intensity cardio. Not my favorite, if I’m being honest. In fact, I almost didn’t jump on the bandwagon to do it.  But then I remembered a valuable lesson I learned about […]

How to Quickly Create a New Habit

  Have you ever noticed that getting started with any kind of new habit can feel like a pushing a boulder uphill? You really want to do this thing, but going from the point you are right now, to taking the first step, seems insurmountable. You just can’t motivate yourself to get started. It’s feels […]

How to Turn an Offense into Personal Power

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a very positive person. I try to always remember that no matter what the storm, there is always JOY in the morning. Every day is a new opportunity to grow and be better. I get knocked down, but I’m never out! Encouragement is my spiritual gift and […]

Finding Focus and Managing Distractions

I have worked from the comfort of my home for nearly 20 years now. I used to love the atmosphere of fast-paced, high-tech, trendy office space when I lived in Silicon Valley. We had some pretty awesome perks! However, once my children came along, I found myself missing them dearly while I was away. Fortunately, […]