fbpx Release, Reach, and Rise!! 5-Star Virtual Retreat

Release, Reach, and Rise!

5-Star Virtual Retreat

September 28-29

11:00 am-3:00 pm ET

Release the hamster wheel life and reach for what matters most to you! Rise above stress to find alignment in body, mind, spirit.  


There's a sneaky little lie we often fall victim to...

"Since we can do it all, we must."

The problem is... this is a fast path to burnout, overwhelm, and poor health.

Imagine if...

  • You felt energetic, healthy, and emotionally centered?

  • You had time for self-care without guilt or worry of letting people down?

  • You felt more organized, confident, and hopeful than ever before?

  • You had freedom to do more of what you love with the people you love?

  • You felt confident saying no, saving your best yes for what matters most?

  • You had time to breathe, rest, and be filled with joy without fear of chaos? 

What if all this was possible without feeling overwhelmed and stressed?

This is what the 5-Star Virtual Retreat is about! 

You will have all the resources, tools, and support you need to:

  • Quit the self-sabotage cycle for good

  • Face each day with clarity and confidence

  • Eliminate decision fatigue and people-pleasing

  • Get and stay organized with your environment and schedule

  • Reduce stress, increase rest, and do more of the things you love! 

           …Without guilt, shame, or overwhelm.

Maybe you've experienced the warning signs...


Hi, I'm Robin!

I am a recovering over-producer. I served in the U.S. Air Force, worked for several Fortune 500 companies as a curriculum manager, trainer, and project manager, and have created multiple solopreneur businesses. I also homeschooled my kids for 14 years while working full-time. I know what it's like to feel responsible for #allthethings.


For much of my life, I found my self-worth in my productivity. I put my own needs last, and felt responsible for others’ happiness. Hello, perfectionism, overwhelm, and self-sabotage! 


I knew my life was spinning out of control, but I was so overwhelmed, it was almost impossible to rise above the fray and find a clear pathway out of spiraling stress.


I knew that if I didn’t take massive action, my life was in jeopardy. 


I invested in research and education about mindset and became a certified John Maxwell life coach. I immersed myself in learning how to live an empowered life, free from the stronghold of perfectionism, overwhelm, and self-sabotage.


The process of healing my inner perfectionist ignited my calling to help other women through the same process. I realized that while so many women came to me intending to lose weight, lasting transformation required something deeper – rooted in mindset and touching all areas of lifestyle. 


It is my mission to help you find clarity about what matters most to you… so you can release the beliefs and habits that hold you back, and REACH the balanced lifestyle of your dreams. 


In this 5-Star Virtual Retreat, I’m going to show you how to experience whole-life balance. You will learn how to identify what matters most to you and create a strategic plan with specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound goals.

What is the 5-Star Virtual Retreat?

The 5-Star Retreat is a one-day (4 hours) life transformation experience for women who are ready to rise above burnout, overwhelm, and self-sabotage. You will find clarity about the top 1-3 areas of your life you want to improve most and FINALLY get the results you desire.
We provide you with tools to self-assess, renew your mindset, create new habits, manage your time effectively, break through self-sabotage and more!  You'll have the expertise of a certified life coach to support and guide you within a private retreat setting.
BONUS!  Complete the application for the LightHer Way Group Coaching program and get all-access to a SECOND retreat day!  In this 4-hour workshop, you will learn how to put your dreams to the test!  Create 12-month, 90-day, monthly and weekly plans with your new goals, habits, and steps to achieve them. Grab a spot on the hot-seat for personalized guidance and feedback.
You'll have the ultimate peace of mind knowing that the balanced lifestyle you desire is within reach - without fear of overwhelm or failure. 

Assess your true current state to find clarity about what matters most and your ideal future.


Renew your mind by reconnecting with your true identity in Christ. Uproot the limiting beliefs holding you back. 


Learn how to incorporate new, empowering habits and routines seamlessly into your life. 

Bonus 2nd Retreat Day! 


Put your dreams to the test!  You'll learn how to take everything you learned from the day 1 workshop and create a roadmap to success.


Grab a spot on the hot-seat and get personal coaching and guidance to ensure you feel clear, confident, and empowered to TRANSFORM your life! 

Sessions will be recorded and the replay will be offered to participants for 48 hours, with an option to purchase lifetime access. 

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Why attend the 5-Star Virtual Retreat?

  • You'll have proven systems & structure to stay focused and progressing toward your goals within a group of like-minded women. 
  • We teach you how to reset your mindset to one that supports the healthier, happier version of you, based on a Biblical worldview. 
  • You are supported with LIVE hot seat coaching, if you attend the bonus day.
  • We show you how to develop healthy habits & mindset to overcome self-sabotage and perfectionism. 
  • We care deeply for your inner fulfillment, purpose, mission, and spiritual transformation.

September 28-29

11:00 am-3:00 pm ET

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How does it work?

When you enroll in the 5-Star Virtual Retreat, you'll get a downloadable workbook that walks you through the life transformation process.

The sessions will be hosted via Zoom call, Tuesday, Sept 28th, 11am-3pm ET. For those who complete a group coaching application, the bonus day is Wednesday, Sept 29th, 11am-3pm ET. 

  • You’ll start with a whole-life-perspective view of your lifestyle, examining how 8 major areas connect and impact your life’s harmony.  
  • From there, you will identify your top 1-3 priorities and develop a customized plan for success.
  • You will have interactive support throughout the retreat.
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    What results can I expect?

    As with any workshop or course, your results are a direct result of the effort you put into your journey. I will be with you every step of the way, cheering you on! Here's some of the results our alumni have experienced:
    • Increased energy, health and emotional wellbeing 
    • Time for self-care without guilt or neglect of priorities
    • More organized, confident, and hopeful than ever before
    • Freedom to do more of what you love with the people you love
    • Increased confidence and focus on what matters most to you
    • Time to breathe, rest, and be filled with joy without fear of chaos