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Do you ever have days when trying to get anything done that feels like running through quicksand? When everything seems to take longer and be more complicated than it should? You sense this…resistance or friction. I’ve been there too. It’s kind of like driving a car with unbalanced tires at full speed on the highway. The wheels shake violently, each trying to go their own way, and you hold on for dear life, trying to stay in control. It’s exhausting! Likewise, when life feels like it’s pulling us in every direction, we grip harder and try to willpower our way to success. But the problem is not at the behavioral level. Spiritual alignment is the antidote to chaos and friction in your life. 

We are three in one

We are created as triune human beings – body, mind, and Spirit. Each part has its own beauty and purpose. But when the Spirit is not in the driver’s seat, we end up with the chaos, overwhelm, and a reactionary life instead of one that is intentional and purpose-driven. These three parts, all fearfully and wonderfully made, sometimes compete for direction, and that’s where things can go wrong. Because only one, the Spirit, should take the lead. Let me show you what I mean…

Body, soul, and Spirit

The body is our physical self. It houses our soul and Spirit. And it’s how we do God’s work; it’s the hands and feet of God. But the body also can get loud when it’s not getting the attention that it needs. Think addiction, emotional eating, etc. The body is a fantastic gift, but it is not the one you want in charge of.

And then there’s the soul. It’s what we might call our mind and our emotions. This is where we develop relationships, express our emotions, explore ideas, appreciate beauty. But our feelings and opinions are not facts. And letting them lead can cause chaos. (Have you ever felt one way about something one day, and quite another the next day?!)

Finally, there’s the Spirit. It’s God’s Spirit within you, giving you everything you need to follow Him. THIS is what you want leading you! You just have to learn to nourish and nurture the Spirit.

How to find Spiritual alignment

Imagine with me…what if you started every day following the Spirit?

If you start your day focusing on worshiping God, praying, cultivating gratitude, surrendering your cares and concerns to Him and trusting that he is good, believing that he will carry you through…How would you then think and feel about the rest of your day? How would you treat your body that day?

Listen, friend, you can’t nourish your Spirit by feeding your body or your emotions. I know. I’ve tried!

Lasting transformation of body and soul has to come from the spiritual level.


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