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So you decided to go for that monumental goal.

It started out so well. You bought all the essentials, lined everything up, and were so excited to take your life to the next level.

However, distractions, competing priorities, and other people’s problems soon overshadowed every hope you had about achieving success. Now, you’re just rolling with the punches every day and never getting anywhere. If this rings true for you, you’re not alone! So many people struggle with following through with their goals.  

Which led me to ask the question… Why do most people lose focus on their dreams? 

Success requires consistency- and that’s not easy. 

Life is full of distractions, and it always will be. Hard as we may try to convince ourselves that there will be a “best” time to go for this goal, the truth is that there will never be a perfect time. There will be days when it’s not convenient, or you don’t feel motivated. There will be distractions that steal your time and energy. The key is in how you react -taking consistent action EVERY. DAY.  

Lack of clarity means weak priorities.

How do you prioritize when everything feels important? If you’re a type-A person like me, you may try to do “all the things,” fooling yourself into thinking it’s possible. Not only is this a fast path to burnout, but it’s also self-sabotage. You must have clarity about what you are striving for and why. Only then will you have the filter by which to set powerful priorities that move you forward. 

When you set priorities, you have to say no to all else.

Have you ever had a day when you were reactionary to everyone else’s demands? You get tugged in all directions, overwhelmed, and lose focus on your own goals. When you have CLARITY about your big picture life vision, it’s easier to identify and follow your daily activities and habits. Clarity of vision is the magnetic force that will pull you through anything standing between you and your best life. 

If you want to break free, you need a guiding light goal.

If you want to break free of reactionary days and find harmony in all areas of life, you’ve got to have a guiding light goal. A guiding light goal is a statement about what matters most to you and why. It aligns with your life’s purpose and allows you to weigh every competing priority against it. The more clarity you have, the easier it will be to block out the noise and sideways energy. 

Most people lose focus on their dreams because they are not clear about what they want, distractions keep them from taking consistent action, and there are no clear priorities to help block out the noise. Following these do’s and don’ts can help you refocus on your dream and increase your chances of success:


  • Operate as if everything has equal importance. You can only have ONE top priority.
  • Let what’s most urgent override what’s most important.
  • Give priority to things that don’t align with your values or move you closer to your goals.
  • Apologize for saying no.


  • Be crystal clear about what matters most to you and how others can support you in it.
  • Remind yourself of your vision, values, and worth every day.
  • Schedule anything that must be done.
  • Release perfectionist mindset. You don’t have to do it all, and you shouldn’t.

Were any of these tips surprising? Which ones do you need to implement today? 

For a jumpstart to discover what you want most out of life, download our free clarity guide here. In 3 easy steps, you will narrow your focus to the one thing that will move you closer to your best life. 

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