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If you are looking to make a significant change in your life, you might be wondering, “how can a life coach help me?” Professionally trained life coaches are like your BFF and most trusted advisor rolled into one. They support you in releasing limiting beliefs, reaching for your dreams, and remaining on the path toward your desired results. It’s like having an angel in your pocket. 

What is life coaching about?

Coaching is about many things, but the focus of life coaching is about change. The experience is highly personalized and unique for each individual. For example, you may be looking to rise above overwhelm and prioritize your daily life. Perfectionism and self-sabotage may be a constant struggle, and you need help identifying your priorities and simplifying life. Or, you may wish to have help tackling clutter, learning to prioritize stress management, have more fun, or improve your relationships. Life coaching cultivates awareness of the best version of yourself so that you can live your best life. 

Coaching is not appropriate for the following: 

  • People with dependencies such as drugs and alcohol
  • Therapy for people who have suffered abuse
  • A shoulder to cry on
  • People who are abusing others
  • People who are experiencing mental illness
  • Counseling

 Therapists in some of the above fields deal with events that have happened in the past. Coaching is specifically about the present and the future.

How can a life coach help me?

The coaching process can cover a wide range of issues, such as dealing with the immediate obstacles holding you back and building a vision and plan for your life’s dream. A life coach provides a trusted, objective perspective, asks clarifying questions, and walks alongside you to encourage and support you in your journey. Your coach is always on your side

A life coach will believe in you, stretch you, challenge you, and sometimes confront you, but always from a supportive position. Life coaches will travel with you as an equal partner in your success journey-helping you stay focused on moving forward. They will listen intuitively and help you dig deeper to find the answers you desire. You are in the driver’s seat, and your coach helps you stay on the path you charted.

How does the coaching relationship work?

In a coaching relationship, you get to set the agenda for each session. (how cool is that?) Usually, there’s a result you wish to achieve or progress on an existing goal you want to discuss. Your coach will listen approximately 85% of the time and directs the conversation in a way that helps you explore solutions that work best for your needs. 

Your coach will take notes, track your progress and help you realistically assess your goals. When an objective feels too overwhelming, your coach will help you break it down into smaller pieces until you feel fully committed and confident. A life coach is your 100% ally, and their job is to align with your goals. Therefore, they will not tell you what to do. However, they will help you explore ways to accept or change a situation. It’s always about empowering and uplifting you! 

How do I get started? 

Finding a life coach is a very personalized experience. Much like finding the right therapist or doctor, you want to make sure you and your coach are a good fit. It’s always good to shop around and schedule a discovery call with anyone you feel positively connected with. Don’t be afraid to ask your burning questions -this is your journey- you want to feel confident that your guide is on your side. 

Questions you should ask yourself:

  • Do we share similar values and worldviews?
  • Does their communication style feel comfortable and easy for me?
  • Is their accountability method aligned with what works best for me?
  • Do I feel safe to be vulnerable with this person?

Ready to take the next step?

I’m so glad you asked! 🙂 I am a certified John Maxwell life coach specializing in helping women rise above perfectionism, overwhelm, and self-sabotage to create a lifestyle that harmonizes faith, family, and fulfillment of your God-given purpose. My LightHer Way VIP coaching program is a 12-week, high-touch program designed to help you:

  • Gain a fresh perspective on your life as a whole and prioritize what matters most to you.
  • Renew your mindset and remove the barriers keeping you from achieving your goals.
  • Create new habits, routines, and manage time in a manner that gives you peace every day.
  • Kick self-sabotage to the curb and find FREEDOM!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! I align with you in your goals and walk alongside you on the pathway to success. If you’re interested in learning more about this program, you can read more here. Or, if your heart is thumping and you feel like this could be the perfect fit for you, grab a spot on my calendar and let’s chat! I can’t wait to hear about your dreams and desires! 


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