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Sleep and sexy in the same sentence? Let me explain…

For many women in midlife, sleep is just something you “have” to do. When your to-do list is a bazillion items long and you’re looking for corners to cut…a sexy bedtime routine is usually first on the chopping block. Am I right? 

And when you finally submit to bedtime, you flop under the covers without any preparation or foreplay. Like an obligation whose time has come. In these pandemic times, you may skip pajamas and just sleep in the same sweat pants you wore all day! (noooo judgement, here!) For some, you find yourself feeling resentful about bedtime because it cuts into your busy day and often doesn’t satisfy you anyway!  

Ok, so how do you bring the sexy back into bedtime? 

Think of your nighttime routine as preparing for a hot date with sleep.

That’s right! Get yourself into a mindset of being SOOO excited to have a date with your bedtime. Make sleep a priority, just as you would your marriage. A sexy sleep-life means you view bedtime as a delicious, delight! An exclamation point instead of a period on the end of each day. It’s a crucial human need, no different than the need to eat or breathe. If you want to take your whole-health to the next level, it’s time to protect and prioritize your bedtime routine.    

Three things you can do to put the sexy back in your sleep. 

In episode 13 of Sacred Grounds podcast, we share three things to help you develop and improve your nighttime routine. Listen here

  • Bedtime rituals: Have a regular bedtime and waking time. Keep a consistent schedule, 7 days a week, will help regulate your sleep patterns. 
  • Bedroom atmosphere: Make your bedroom a sanctuary for your brain to REST. The habit of preparing yourself for sleep…winding down physically and mentally, keeping the room dark, no electronics, cool temperature. Make your sleep time intentional, enjoyable and purposeful in order to get your BEST rest.  
  • Sleep time tools: Let your bedtime be something you look forward to, like preparing for a hot date!
    • Take a hot bath or shower
    • Wear pajamas (or not) that make you feel amazing
    • Use some relaxing essential oils like lavender or serenity blends
    • Use a silky eye mask
    • Put on some relaxing sounds like a bedtime story or white noise
    • Set your phone to Do Not Disturb

If you have serious trouble sleeping…

It’s important to note, that if you have trouble sleeping, which is very common for women in peri/menopause, there is no shame in seeking help from your health care provider. Your sleep life is crucial to all other aspects of your health. Don’t wait to make an appointment! 

Want to learn more?  Here’s a few of my favorite resources:


Do you struggle with balancing your self-care needs? I’d love to help! Schedule a free 30-minute discovery call to learn more1 

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