Sacred Grounds Podcast

Have you ever met someone who came into your life at just the right time, when you were on the field of battle?

I hope so, because friends like that will carry you through even the darkest of days. 

I am so grateful for my battle buddy, Leigh Mackenzie, who met me on the spiritual battlefield at JUST the right time. 

I’m not really sure how we initially came to cross paths on social media. I don’t know who found whom first, but her inspiring posts plucked at my heart strings instantly…and her Instagram stories of hypnotizing her chicken, were hilarious. I just knew we were meant to be friends. 

What I didn’t know, was the extent of the battles we would each face over the coming months. Just as I was experiencing some incredibly heartbreaking, foundation-shaking changes in my family, she announced that she was beginning a spiritual battle of her own. 

I remember the day…Holy Spirit nudged me to reach out and ask her for prayer.

I remember the day…Holy Spirit nudged me to reach out and ask her for prayer. She was so open and WILLING. I will never forget how relieved I was. She really didn’t know me from Eve…but she gladly responded and we hopped on a Zoom call. We cried, we prayed, we experienced a Holy Spirit connection, and quickly became virtual battle buddies. It was the first inkling of a beautiful ministry. 

On November 10th, the fruit of much vulnerability, hope, and prayer will be served up in the form of the Sacred Grounds Podcast! We are beyond excited to be YOUR virtual battle buddies, too! 

If you’re yearning for real girl-talk on the field of Christian battle, Sacred Grounds Podcast is for you! 

We may talk about “coffee & cute stuff” but we also dive deeply into the “messy” of journeying with Jesus: self-care, “hard” things, relationships, and boundaries. We do it all while keeping a biblical worldview. Occasionally, we’ll bring in some guests you’ll love, too, who will teach and inspire. Each week we’ll give you THREE THINGS to motivate you to become the powerhouse warrior God created you to be.

You can catch the show here, on my podcast page. We are so excited to bring you hope, encouragement and ARMOR for the battle. Let’s face it…we live in a dark world. We invite you to join our #battlebuddybrigade and shine a light for the whole world to see. 

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