I ain’t gonna lie… I have been eating some foods that I thought I’d never see in my house again. (See episode 11 of Coffee in the Quarantine over on Facebook where I talk about SPAM) 

It’s crazy, because there’s really no reason to be eating any differently right now… it’s just COMFORT. 

And I am not beating myself up over it. It’s not easy when you have more people than you’re used to in your home 24/7 and life is just a little (or a lot) cray cray. We’re all just doing the best we can.

This too shall pass. 

One of the things that has really helped us manage stress is enjoying NATURE. New research shows that you can reduce stress and food cravings simply by getting out into nature and surrounding yourself with green. Maybe that’s why early spring makes my heart so happy! I love the bright green color of baby grass and tender leaves. 

Researchers have found that even passive exposure to green spaces such as trees in your backyard, a garden through the window, or just being able to see “green” reduces intense cravings. 

My hubby and I have been taking longer early morning walks these days. I try to be fully mindful, noticing the beauty of the trees, flowers, a well-groomed lawn. Research confirms that this practice makes you happy and when you’re happy, you’re less likely to have crazy cravings. 
What’s also great about this, is that it’s available to anyone!  Even if you live in a metropolis, there are ways to add more green to your life. 
  • Add more house plants -this makes a great pastime, too!
  • Take 10-minute walking break during your day
  • Step out into your yard and breathe in fresh air and sunshine
  • Have lunch at the park or picnic in your own backyard
More than anything, remember that life is not a contest. Everyone is going through their own “stuff” and you are not alone. Reducing stress and cravings doesn’t have to mean HUGE changes or punitive action. Just get outside and breathe, girlfriend. We GOT this! 

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