Most often, we look at calories, portions, or macros for weight loss… but what about sleep? 

So many women I talk with every day are seriously lacking in adequate sleep. They mistakenly chalk it up to the “normal” busy life. The problem is that sleep is a huge factor in weight loss or gain. Check out these facts…

Sleep deprivation and weight loss statistics

  • Lack of sleep increases chances of weight gain by 50%. A study of 635,000 adults showed that insufficient sleep leads to 50% more weight gain.  
  • Women who consistently get 7 hours or more of sleep are 33% more likely to succeed in weight loss. Not only does 7+ hours of sleep improve overall sleep quality, but also improves weight loss success by 33%
  • Sleep deprivation can lead to stubborn fat. Cutting calories but NOT getting sufficient sleep lowers weight loss success rate by 55%
  • A lack of sleep stimulates your appetite.  Lack of sleep lowers important hormones which increase cravings for carby foods and sugar. 
  • More Time to Eat. The longer you’re awake, the more time to eat! Get to bed early and avoid late night snacking. 
  • Less Active. Studies have shown that people who are sleep deprived, struggle to have energy to exercise or get movement in for the day

How many hours of sleep are you getting each night?

If you are used to getting only 5-6 hours of sleep each night; staying up late and getting up early, you may want to gradually transition your sleep schedule over a couple of weeks’ time. Here’s a few helpful tips to get started:

  • Gradually move your bedtime up by 15 minutes. 15 minutes is nothing! Small incremental changes like this will train your brain to fall asleep sooner.
  • No caffeine after 2pm and no food 3 hours before bed. This is one of THE MOST helpful tips of all. Digestion will disrupt your sleep, just the same as caffeine. 
  • No screens 90 minutes before bed. Electronic screens such as computer, phone, TV stimulate your brain and make falling asleep more difficult. Try picking up a fiction novel or audiobook to round out your day.
  • Think of it as a hot date.  Take a hot bath or shower. Make your bedroom inviting and soothing. Get excited about slipping under the sheets. 
  • Stay consistent – even on the weekends.  Your body loves predictability. Keep a set bedtime and wake time 7 days per week. The rhythm will help your body regulate. 

Consistent healthy sleep habits will not only make you a happier, healthier person, but also increase your weight loss success, reduce brain fog, and improve productivity during the day!

So make it priority to get those Zzzz. 

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