Short answer… Absolutely!

I have been called tenacious, driven, and passionate toward my dreams. I think they probably meant: STUBBORN.

But for real, I do struggle with letting my foot off the gas and allowing margin in my life. I just hate to see a moment wasted!

Ambition, as a whole, is NOT wrong.

Most women I know think ambition is desirable and sexy- until it comes to their own. Then, suddenly, that inner baby girl jumps in the driver’s seat and pumps the breaks.


When we define the ideal qualities of a “good man” ambition and drive are towards the top of the list. A man who knows what he wants and goes after it makes us feel safe and secure.

So why do we treat ourselves differently?

I am absolutely NOT male-bashing. I love men and give them all the honor and respect they deserve. I own my insecurities, girl. I swallowed those lies and made it my comfort for being too afraid of what people would think of me if I were to succeed.

Can you relate?

Girl, it’s time to stop short-changing yourself. Life is short and God has a plan for you.

What does ambition look like?

💫Not hitting the snooze button and using that extra time before the fam wakes up

💫Doing your own research to learn that new skill- Google and YouTube, baby!

💫Finding a success partner or mentor to give you straight truth and feedback

💫Connecting with other women who “get you” and support your journey

Girl, stop apologizing and making excuses for not having what you want in life. You are a grown woman. Tell your little baby girl self to take a seat and stop running your life.

Are you ready to own your ambition?

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