As a health and fitness mentor, I have discovered that you can have the best nutrition and exercise plan on the planet, surround yourself with amazing support and accountability, but if you don’t have an empowered mindset, the results will be limited and short-lived. Stinkin’ thinkin’ has been festering over your whole lifetime. It’s ingrained in your subconscious and rooted deep! 

Affirmations can change your mindset script

Your thought patterns are an accumulation of beliefs from a lifetime of experiences. Some are based in negative words spoken over us, harsh words that caused spiritual wounds, and some are just flat out lies that we chose to believe somewhere along the way. For most of us, we are not even aware of the negative self-talk that drives our actions every day.

Have you ever said this to yourself?

  • It’s just how I am
  • I never finish what I start
  • I always gain the weight back
  • I can’t give up sugar (or whatever your food trigger is)
  • It’s too hard
  • I have no support
  • I’m not good enough
  • I’m not smart enough

It breaks my heart to write those words out because I have believed each and every one of them. I hated that I thought that way, but felt powerless to change.

Affirmations provide a means to re-write the script. 

Just as we have consciously or subconsciously ingrained those negative words over time, we can reverse it with positive, empowering thoughts.  Your does not know the difference between a real or perceived experience. It believes whatever you tell it. This is both scary and very exciting because once you have that knowledge, you can choose to feed your mind all sorts of love and encouragement.

I have tried a few different ways to create my own affirmation statements and found that it’s really a matter of personal preference. I take  my new clients through this process at the beginning of their journey and it truly is a game-changer.

How to create your own affirmations

Write 3-5 (or more) statements in one of the following formats:

  1. Present tense: Stated in the positive with “I am” statements. This is particularly powerful because you are telling your mind that it is currently true.
    Example: I am self-controlled and self-disciplined.   
  2. Future tense: This is goal and date specific. You are reinforcing the believe that is will happen.
    Example: By May 15, 2020 I will be completely debt free
  3. Question: Sometimes, if you are using approach #1 or #2 above, your inner voice may be replying, “no you’re not!” You may be saying it, but in  your mind,  you don’t actually agree with the statement. But your brain loves to complete patterns and solve puzzles, so by asking the question, your mind will search for an answer. When you first try this, you may not have an answer and that’s ok! Just keep asking and over time, your brain will start filling in the blanks.
    Example: Why are so many people excited to join my team?

Once you have decided on the type of affirmations that work best for you, practice them every day

  1. Write them
  2. Read them
  3. Record yourself speaking them and replay them

The key here is to do this EVERY DAY. You did not learn all that negative self-talk in a day, or a month. It’s over time. So it’s even more important to replace it with positive, affirming, empowering thoughts.

I finally found a method that works for me and I play it back every day so that now they are memorized. It’s amazing how much your entire mindset can shift by just taking 5 minutes a day to reinforce loving, positive self-talk.

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