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The power of being part of a community is priceless. 

I must confess… I am a huge introvert. Quiet time alone, letting my mind wander is my refueling strategy. I spend a lot of time in my head. I also like to work. Seeing the results of my productivity is very rewarding. The only problem is, I tend to get so immeshed in my work that I isolate myself from the world. When you’re in your own head too much, it’s hard to see the forest through the trees. The power of being part of a community is priceless. 

Community creates connection.

It wasn’t until I began a career in life coaching that I realized just how much I NEED and LOVE being a part of a community. There’s something about the sisterhood of like-minded women on a similar journey that lights me up! We don’t have to be focused on the exact same things. What we share is a shared love of service and learning. Bouncing ideas. Sharing struggles and victories. Over coffee. Or food. Or whatever tickles our fancy.

Through mentoring dozens of busy women like me, I have found that making a lifestyle change can leave you feeling vulnerable and alone. Family members don’t always support your efforts and may even be oppositional. A community of like-minded women can lift you, enrich and encourage you. 

Community creates leaders.

Don’t get so focused on your own stuff that you disengage and miss out on the opportunity to be encouraged and learn from others. We can be blessed by women who have gone before us, and we can learn from their experiences. We can lead by example for those that are just starting out. 

When I was pregnant with my second child, I went into pre-term labor at 24 weeks and was placed on complete bed rest. If you have ever experienced pre-term labor or miscarriage, you know the intensity of emotions. Thankfully, most of us have no idea what it’s like to have a premature baby and all the potential complications that come with it. It’s terrifying! I was so grateful for the nurse that introduced me to a group called, Sidelines. At the time, it was an email thread for women going through pre-term labor bed rest. You were given a pen pal to encourage you and tell you what to expect.

The woman who supported me was so gracious to answer all of my questions. She provided so much reassurance. I don’t know how I would have made it through without her. She had been in my shoes, and I was so blessed that she was willing to pay it forward. Shortly after my son was born at 31 weeks, I was able to pay it forward and signed up as a Sidelines mentor myself.

Community creates hope.

It’s empowering to know that other people have your back when the going gets tough. It’s not as frightening when you know other people are going through the same thing.

That’s why my LightHer Way VIP coaching program is so much more than accountability. I align with you and your goals, and we walk the path together. If you don’t have a community of supportive women, you need to get one! It could just be a couple of local friends or a life coach like me! Connect over zoom or in person.  Create your own book study together or hobby to share. Maybe it’s just being intentional to have coffee with a friend. 

We are all busy. Don’t let time with community be an after-thought. We all need it and will be better for it.

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