This is what I wanted to eat for dinner tonight. 

My husband and I have somewhat of a tradition. On Friday or Saturday nights, we have a date night at the local movie theater. But this isn’t just any movie theater! It has reserved leather seating (love seats, to be exact) and a 21 and over section upstairs. We preorder tickets for seats F20 and F21, and arrive early enough to snag a plush sofa in the corner of the dimly lit lounge. We don’t need to see the menu. We order steak filet sliders, a volcano sushi roll, and 2 glasses of Cabernet without variation. Mmmmm. So good! And no matter how much I try to avoid it, somehow a small buttered popcorn with a box of peanut MnMs ends up in my lap. This is a treat I start daydreaming about around Tuesday afternoon. I gotta have it!

We would have enjoyed our tradition again his weekend, but my hubby was sick on Friday, and today was a very busy day. We found ourselves at 7pm with no plans for dinner and no desire to cook. We debated our options: Go to the movie anyway? Get restaurant take out? All I wanted was to taste that medium rare slider with onion ring on top!

The struggle was real, y’all.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar position? You have a craving for something specific, but you can’t have it and you don’t want anything else? This is typical behavior of emotional eating disorder.

The old me probably would have comforted myself with a greasy pizza and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. The new me doesn’t want to sabotage my weight loss progress but STILL, the struggle is real. I’m a recovering emotional eater.

Can you relate?

Fortunately, I already planned my meals for the week and did my shopping. (I am learning!) I needed something I could fix quickly, as it was almost 7:30pm and I was on the edge of hangry.

This is what I chose to eat:

Delicious salmon cooked on the Forman grill, a baked sweet potato and salad. Guess how long it took me to make it?

15 minutes.

Guess how much money I saved?

About $30.

Not only was the meal I made healthy and delicious, I have no guilt, I saved money, and I conquered my emotions.

Eating clean is not too expensive, but making a change comes with an emotional cost. I need to spend some time and search for the root emotion that was going on there. Was it fear, frustration, anxiety? I have some work to do! If you can relate to my story, I’d love to hear from you. Are you fighting the emotional eating battle too?

You’re not alone! Join me on the journey to health and wholeness. I will be sharing my discoveries along the way. Together, we are better.

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