Robin Wisner

Are you ready to make your health, habits, and happiness a priority?

I help women release the pressure of the hamster wheel lifestyle to find the freedom of life balance they want. I align with my clients to renew their mindset, reframe limiting beliefs, and change behaviors and habits to guide them to success.

It all starts with clarity about what matters most to you.
"Clarity of vision creates clarity of priorities." John C. Maxwell

Say goodbye to the hamster-wheel lifestyle!

If you’ve been struggling with feeling exhausted and hopeless that your situation can change, you’re not alone. Most women find themselves chasing after unrealistic expectations to the point of burnout. It’s a slow progression of behaviors and beliefs that…

“Since we can do it all, we’re a failure if we don’t.” 

I help women who feel overscheduled, overwhelmed, and scattered. You may feel responsible for everyone else’s happiness and asking for “me” time seems selfish. You fear that saying no to certain things will result in chaos and ultimately more work for yourself. So, you continue to push deeper into discouragement. 

You may feel tempted to dive into another diet – at least that’s something you can control, right? But the truth is, shrinking your body will not expand your inner joy or heal the root cause of lifestyle imbalance. 

“Somewhere along the way, you stopped dreaming.”

Now, you’re standing on the sidelines watching life go by instead of being in it. Your priorities feel more like they happen to you rather than for you. There’s no time to dream, let alone pursue the interests that light up your soul. Time is passing in a blur, like a hamster endlessly spinning on its wheel. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way! 

Clarity is Your Superpower.

When you align your body, mind, and spirit, you’ll be free from overwhelm and perfectionism. 

Imagine if...

  • You felt energetic, healthy, and emotionally centered?
  • You had time for self-care without guilt or neglect of your priorities?
  • You felt more organized, confident, and hopeful than ever before?
  • You had freedom to do more of what you love with the people you love?
  • You felt confident saying no, saving your best yes for what matters most?
  • You had time to breathe, rest, and be filled with joy without fear of chaos? 


What if all of this was possible without feeling overwhelmed and stuck? 

When you are in the messy middle of overwhelm, it’s not easy to see clearly. No matter how frustrated you are, the fear of change can cloud your courage. You may fear a lack of support, rejection, or failure. That ol’ self-sabotage monster tells you it’s better to stay miserable than risk looking foolish.

When you have a guide to hold a light to the darkness, you’ll see possibilities emerge. A personal mentor can align with you, help you clarify what truly matters to you, create a success plan that excites you, and guide you through the process. This is what LightHer Way Wellness is all about. I offer you a light, a roadmap, and a personal guide to the life of your dreams!

You will have all the resources, tools, and support you need to:

  • Embrace your highest self
  • Quit the self-sabotage cycle for good
  • Face each day with clarity and confidence
  • Eliminate decision fatigue and people-pleasing
  • Get and stay organized with your environment and schedule
  • Reduce stress, increase rest, and do more of the things you love! 

                                                        …Without guilt, shame, or overwhelm.

Hi, I'm Robin!

I am a recovering over-doer. I served in the U.S. Air Force, worked for several Fortune 500 companies, and created multiple solopreneur businesses. I also homeschooled my kids for 14 years while working full-time. 

For much of my life, I found my self-worth in my productivity. I put my own needs last, and felt responsible for others’ happiness. Hello, perfectionism, overwhelm, and self-sabotage! If you relate to my story, we can be friends!

I knew my life was spinning out of control, but I was so overwhelmed, it was almost impossible to rise above the fray.

I knew that if I didn’t take massive action, my life was in jeopardy. 

I invested in research and education about mindset and became a certified John Maxwell life coach. I immersed myself in learning how to live an empowered life, free from the stronghold of perfectionism, overwhelm, and self-sabotage.

The process of healing my inner perfectionist ignited my calling to help other women through the same process. I realized that while so many women came to me intending to lose weight, lasting transformation required something deeper – rooted in faith and touching all areas of lifestyle. This is how LightHer Way Wellness was born!

If you’d like to take your journey to the next level, I’d love to align with you in your goals. I offer 1:1 message-based coaching and meditation tracks to help you turn your dreams into reality. Rest in the experience of someone who’s walked the path before, and the loving accountability to stay motivated. 

What would you DARE to do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Lives Transformed

When I joined LightHer Way, I was really only looking to take the next step with my health & wellness with a Biblical Coach. Since I’ve been in the program, I’ve been able to have a healthier relationship with food BUT the changes I’ve seen as part of Robin’s coaching & guidance, go way beyond what I thought I was getting! 

I got WAY more than I bargained for…  there’s just so much more that God has brought about by way of Robin’s “Light Her Way” program. 

I’ve written a Freedom Statement that I read every day. 

I am developing & stacking sustainable habits.  I am lightening up with my friendships & having more fun, God is healing the wounds of my past & I’m spending more meaningful time with my husband. She has helped me pin down habits that yield growth & I am loving my husband & children more deeply.  We are operating from a Family Command Center & having weekly family “huddles”. 

For the first time in many many years, I’m excited about my future & NOT being defined by the pains of my past! 

Robin has taught me how to DREAM AGAIN!  I cannot wait to see who God continues to grow me into & what He accomplishes through me for His Glory & Kingdom!  This was not only an investment in me, it was a worthy investment in my whole family, my friends, my future & the generations that follow. 

I am so thankful God brought Robin into my path.  She is truly one of the most genuine, caring, loving & helpful women I’ve ever encountered & God is using her program to help change women’s lives & futures.   She is a difference-maker & a blessing beyond blessings.

When I joined LightHer Way, I was looking for freedom from food controlling my life and the weight that comes with believing I can fix it all on my own. 
Since I’ve been in the program, I’ve been able to restore my understanding that God is the source of all I need. It is through Him and with Him that I am gaining a new sense of freedom daily. The practical tools that are taught in each of the modules are the icing on the cake that provide consistency, focus, and a way to manage what my body needs each day. 
My LightHer Way morning looks like a time of prayer, reading Scripture, a cup of coffee, journaling, and other inspirational reading. When I get out of bed each morning, I am focused on taking care of my body, mind, and spirit through this routine. Gentle stretches begin my day, followed by the spiritual focus, and ending with some kind of movement for my body. 
The benefits of starting my day like this are increased focus for the rest of the day, a sense of purpose as soon as my feet hit the floor, and God’s peace that no matter what the day brings, God already has it figured out.

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